Victory Hall logoSide view of new hall
Victory Hall

The New Victory Hall, opened in September 2009, is one of the most unique and eco-friendly village halls in Britain. Its contemporary design incorporates straw bales and shredded newspaper as insulation within a timber frame. Energy use has been minimised by optimising the natural light and heat available directly from the sun and the under-floor heating system utilises heat from the earth extracted by a state-of-the-art ground source heat pump system. Solar PV panels provide about 12% of our energy needs.  The interior is spacious, light and airy and there is a warm and welcoming feel to the building that reflects the high level of community involvement that went into its construction. The Sedum roofs host a wonderful variety of insect life and, when in flower, they become an amazing mass of colours.

The New Victory Hall has excellent kitchen and conference facilities and it is available for general hire. The large main hall can accommodate up to 120 people and the unique, community-built, straw bale meeting room seats up to 16 people. Parking is available for about 40 cars.